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Gain advanced photography skills and techniques to take your photography to the next level or to become a professional photographer.

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18 years old or over
10 practical assignments
The Australian Academy of Photography is recognised by the International Approval and Registrations Centre (IARC).

Completing this course will enable you to become a professional photographer by developing the skills to create, plan and manage your own photography projects as well as giving you a solid understanding of your camera.

Designed around 10 practical assignments, you will incrementally develop the techniques and an understanding of the industry that you need to succeed as a professional.

As a home study student you will have full access to our student area, the Online Learning Centre, which contains course material created by industry experts including: instructional videos, written content and assignments.

Our tutors provide all the support, knowledge and in-depth feedback you need to progress through your course and are always contactable through the Online Learning Centre.

On average a student studying around 15 hours per week can complete the course in 12 months, a student studying around 30 hours a week can complete the course in 6 months*.

*Completion time is based on the approximate time it has taken past students to complete the course. Students have up to 36 months to complete the course.

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The list below provides an overview of the topics covered in this course.

    • How the Camera Works

    Experiment with your own camera’s manual settings. Learn the fundamentals of composition, focus, and light to create still life photographs. Learn about:

    • Composition
    • Aperture, focal length and perspective
    • Light metering and white balance
    • Exposure compensation
    • Light & Lighting

    Examine the importance of light in photography. Understand different lighting techniques and the importance of equipment and planning for a photoshoot. Learn how to:

    • Experiment with different lighting styles and settings
    • Develop lighting diagrams to plan a photoshoot
    • Undertake studio and ‘on-location’ photoshoots
    • Create studio portraits and environmental portraits
    • Photographic Methods & The Design Cycle

    Produce creative portraits for an album cover and learn about the stages of the design cycle - a structured approach to creative work from initial idea to completed photographs. Learn about:

    • Interpreting a client brief
    • Developing, selecting and testing ideas
    • Developing plans for a photoshoot
    • Post-production and editing techniques using industry software
    • Evaluating client feedback
    • Cultural Movements in Photography

    Examine how society, history, technology, economics and culture influences photographic practice. Complete a research project to learn about key historical movements in photography. Learn how to:

    • Use research methods
    • Analyse key movements in history
    • Develop key insights about contemporary influences on photography
    • Present research findings professionally
    • Photography in the Studio

    Research the central role the studio has played in the development of photographic practice through history. Develop skills in studio practice that are used to create professional looking images. Produce a range of photographs in a studio setting in response to a client brief. Learn how to:

    • Use appropriate studio lighting, equipment and sets
    • Develop a plan for a studio-based photoshoot
    • Take photographs in a studio setting using a range of techniques
    • Use post-production to create finished photographs for an audience
    • Present photos for print and online use


All our tutors are photography professionals working in the industry.

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